One who dies believing in Islaam without converting

Non-muslim dies, and I know him/her. As far as I know this person beleived and accepted Islam, but died before they could convert. What does Islam say about such a person, is he/she forgiven by Allah or still considered as one of the "kaffar"?

Praise be to Allaah.

If a person does not pronounce the Shahaadatayn and enter Islaam, we cannot say that he is a Muslim, even if he admired Islaam and recognized that it the best religion, a great religion, and so on. Abu Taalib, the uncle of the Prophet (may Peace Be Upon Him) died a kaafir, and Allaah forbade His Prophet to pray for forgiveness for him, even though he used to defend the Prophet (may Peace Be Upon Him) and said in his poems:
"I do know that the religion of Muhammad is better than all other religions of mankind;
were it not for fear of blame or slander, you would find me accepting it completely."

If a person accepts Islaam out of conviction, and begins to practise it, then he is a Muslim, even if he does not register his Islaam officially, or go to a court or Islaamic centre to obtain documentation, or announce it to others. If such a person dies, then we hope for Paradise for him and pray for mercy for him.

And Allaah is the One Who sees all that His slaves do.